The Classroom Gardener February 9, 2017
Teachers and parents in British Columbia turn to The Classroom Gardener because we are experts at developing children’s learning gardens. We engage students and teachers in hands on, inquiry based, and cross curricular learning. With professional development sessions for teachers, and hands on workshops for kids, we ensure stress free learning and growing all year round. We offer a variety of in-depth programming for schools with or without existing garden infrastructure.

Everything Is Provided!

Hands on, inquiry based workshops, that are designed to meet the curricular outcomes of BC’s redesigned curriculum are offered to both teachers and students. Our teacher’s guide offers dozens of ready to use lessons and reproducible garden journal entries to meet the needs of your classroom or whole school. And the resources kit includes absolutely everything you need to teach the recommended lessons! If we recommend an anchor book, we include a copy to save you having to borrow or buy it! Over the duration of the school year, our professional gardening team will ensure every detail is managed so all you have to do is enjoy the learning that comes from your new outdoor classroom!

Hands On  Learning!

Kids get their hands dirty when they learn to garden with us! We encourage total ownership of the garden with hands on lessons in weed management, seed starting, transplanting seedlings and harvesting crops. Our packages include everything you need to get started, and the support to keep your garden sustainably growing in the years to come! At the end of the program, teachers will feel confident teaching in their garden classroom.

Why Garden  At School?

Why not? When we take the learning outdoors, something magical happens. Without walls to bounce off of, kids are focussed and energized by their learning. Research tells us that:
  • learning in natural environments encourages imaginative, creative problem solving
  • children who learn in outdoor classrooms are able to focus more on non preferred tasks, and see improvements in their ability to problem solve
  • there is a high correlation between outdoor learning and reduced anxiety and depression in children
  • natural, open ended play spaces teach the brain to be flexible which leads to efficient problem solving later in life
  • learning out of doors improves overall health
  • learning out of doors increases opportunities for positive social interaction, communication skills, group cohesion and teamwork
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